A Brighter Future For Hawke's Bay

Free the Funds

Our mission is not over ! !

Yes, the farcical 2023 Ownership Review is over, but our mission still remains.

We will continue to ask questions relating to the Trust operation, and we will publish these, and the answers in the section under Q and A.

[It is a work in progress . . . .]

Join the Movement

Support us in advocating for the shares in Unison Networks Limited to be distributed free to power consumers in Hawke's Bay, the real beneficiaries of the Hawkes Bay Power Consumers Trust [HBPCT].

So what does it mean for you? If you receive an annual dividend payment from Hawke's Bay Power Consumers Trust, you would be entitled to the free distribution of Unison shares, and this would allow you to have complete control of your shares. Selling your shares would give you a cash payment of circa $12,000, or you could continue to hold them and receive annual dividends.

All Hawke's Bay consumers have been impacted by the cyclone and many are in desperate need of financial support. Owning the shares directly gives us all a new, and better option.

Now is the time to act . . .

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I would prefer to manage my own shares, to receive dividends directly, and to have the option to sell the shares for a significant cash settlement


We guarantee that the information and details we collect will ONLY be used to establish a verifiable count of ICP owners who are keen to manage their own shares in Unison.

We will collect responses and publish the results via this website as soon as possible.

We guarantee we will never divulge your name, or any other details, to anyone.

We guarantee we will never sell your email address, or other details to anyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that the ownership of Unison is switched from HBPCT, in accordance with the Trust Deed, to direct ownership of the shares in Unison by all eligible consumers.

Our vision is to see that all consumers represented by the HBPCT become shareholders of Unison in their own right, through the free distribution of shares.

Consumers can then choose to continue to hold the shares and receive dividends, or to sell them for a substantial cash settlement, likely $12,000 or more, thus providing a huge stimulus to the Hawkes Bay economy at a time of desperate need.

Our Vision

Help us create a change for the better

Together, we can make a difference.

We welcome support from everyone in Hawkes Bay. However, please understand that we can only count one vote per ICP, but we will count ALL ICPs.