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We need a groundswell of opinion supporting the need for change to influence the Unison directors, and the Trustees.

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We have more than 400 people registered as supporters of Free the Funds. These are real people, with real names. It would be wrong to publish more details than this, and a breach of our guarantee of privacy.

We know that many more people are very keen on the option of owning their shares in Unison directly, but for their own reasons they have not yet registered with us. We encourage these people to make a submission to the "Ownership Review" presently being conducted.

We have compiled important comments on the Review reports under a new heading . . . "Ownership Review".

The Trustees are bound by the Trust Deed and by law to act for the benefit of the Beneficiaries. The reports fail to address the fundamental issues that the Trustees MUST consider. Recent legal opinions outline these responsibilities in detail. We also provide sample responses to the review which emphasise these points, and these are available here . . . >>Letter-1 and >>Letter-2

We have provided the ability to copy the samples [which you can then edit if you wish], and email them to the Trust in response to their invitation. Just one button click will get you started.

PLEASE DO SO. Your support and opinion is important.